Immigration is always full of challenges. The problem arises not only on the ground of formalities but also on the requirements during the immigration process. When it comes to Canada, there are different parameters and factors that determine an individual’s eligibility to be entitled to a permanent visa or work permit.

According to the professional, experienced, and registered Canadian immigration consultants in USA, Canada follows six selection factors for the assessment of the Comprehensive Ranking System. According to it, an individual must score 67 or more out of 100 to be granted permission to migrate under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Any sort of slackness means the applicant needs to work on the skills and try again later.

  • Do you Know the Prescribed Language?

According to the immigration law, as laid by the country, one has to meet the language criterion to be partially eligible for further processing. This section bears 28 points.

According to it, the applicant must be proficient in communicating and working in any one of the official languages of Canada- French or English. One has to take the test and pass the exam. The proficiency of an individual in the language is measured on the scale of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB 7).

According to the Canada visa consultants in the USA, having a command on both languages is a cherry on the top.

  • Do you Stand as per the Education Criterion?

Believe it or not, if you have the proper education you can earn a maximum of 25 points in the field. According to the registered Canadian immigration consultants in the USA, in order to get the full 25 marks, one has to meet either of the following criteria—

  • Should have a Canadian diploma or certificate
  • Should have a foreign education approved by CIC and an equivalent Canadian credential

There are other aspects as well that need to be known before applying. A professional would always be helpful in the entire process.

  • Do you have Experience?

Experience counts in Canada as well. Canada visa consultants in the USA find it quite easy to get the application verified for the individual who holds a minimum work experience of one year. Anything equal to or more than 6 years would fetch the person the highest point- 15 marks!

  • Would your Age add to your Total Score?

If you think that the score is either directly or indirectly proportional to the age, then you are wrong. The registered Canadian immigration consultants in the USA say that here is where many people get confused. If you are too young (say under 18 years) and too old (say 47 years and above) then the marks awarded to you would be zero out of 12. 

Then the question arises who would get the maximum. The figure shows that Canada, being a developed country, always welcomes the youth. If the applicant falls in the age range of 18 years to 35 years, then he/she will be awarded the highest. So, in order to break the shackles, make sure you fall under this category.

  • Can your Spouse or Legal Partner Adapt?

Canada gives point to the individual who can adapt. Meaning- according to the Canada visa consultants in USA, if the applicant has a spouse or legal partner who is ready to immigrate with the applicant, then the country would reward the person with ten points.

However, to secure the points, the spouse needs to pass the essential tests.


Check your eligibility with the professional before planning to immigrate to Canada. If you meet all the criteria, then complete the process; meet all the formalities according to the laid rules and regulations. Meeting all the essential requirements would break the shackles of ifs and buts.


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