Travel Document

Canadian Travel Document is for permanent residents who are traveling outside Canada and do not have a valid permanent resident card to return to Canada. Their PR card may be lost, stolen, misplaced, destroyed or expired.

Travel documents are issued to permanent residents abroad to provide proof to a transportation company that the holder is entitled to re-enter Canada as a permanent resident.

Eligibility to apply for Travel Document:

  • you are a permanent resident,
  • you do not have a valid PR card showing your PR status,
  • you are outside Canada, and
  • you will return to Canada by commercial vehicles: airplane, boat, train or bus.
  • you have lost your PR card and you need proof of your status to return to Canada.

Before issuing a Travel Document, the Canadian Immigration Visa Officer must be able to confirm, from the documents submitted:

  • the identity of the applicant and
  • that the applicant was once a Canadian Permanent Resident.
  • must be satisfied that the applicant has complied with the residency obligations of Canadian Permanent Residents.


Permanent residents returning to Canada by commercial vehicles: airplane, boat, train or bus must show a valid Permanent Resident Card (PR card) or Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) before boarding, however, individuals returning by private vehicles (car, ruck, motorcycle etc.) can enter Canada using other documents.

A travel document is normally only valid for one single entry. Individuals should apply for a new PR card as soon as they resume residence in Canada.


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