Open Spousal Work Permits

Open work permit allows the holder to work for any Canadian employer without a confirmed offer of employment. These are not job-specific.

Below are the types of Open Spousal work permits:

Open work permit for Spouse or Common-law partner In-Canada Class (SCLPC) applicants

Open work permit for Spouses or common-law partners of International Student or Foreign Worker in Canada

Spouse or Common-law partner In-Canada Class (SCLPC)

The SCLPC pilot program allows spouses and common-law partners of Permanent Residents or Canadians to apply for an open work permit with or any time after their inland sponsorship application for Permanent Residence is being processed. If and once approved, a maximum of 2 years open work permit will be granted.

The issuance of an open work permit to a foreign national will depend on the following requirement:

Processing one of the following under the SCLPC class:

  • already submitted an application for permanent residence but has not yet received approval in principle
  • already received approval in principle, but not yet passed the security, background check and medical for self and family
  • They must have a valid temporary status in Canada as one of the following: Visitor, Student, Temporary worker
  • They must currently be residing in Canada at the same address as the spouse or common-law partner
  • Meet the general eligibility requirements

International Student or Foreign Worker- Spousal Open Work permit

 The Open work permit for the spouses and common-law partners is generally issued with a validity date that coincides with the period that their spouse is permitted to study or work in Canada. The permit will not be valid longer than their spouses study or work permit.

To be eligible for an open work permit a foreign national will have to prove the following:

  • They are not full-time students themseleve
  • Their spouse or common law partner has employment in Canada at a management level, a job at a professional level or be a skilled trades person (NOC O,A , B level) or they are studying in a designated learning institute meeting the minimum requirements.
  • Their spouse or common-law partner’s study or work visa is valid for a period of at least for 6 months
  • Meet the general eligibility requirements


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