Quebec Investor Program

The Quebec Immigrant Investor program is an immigration program meant for investors who are interested to immigrate to Quebec. This program is passive in nature, i.e. applicants do not have to actively engage or establish a business in Quebec.


Eligibility criteria for the QIIP:

  • Intention of settling in French-speaking province of Quebec
  • Proof of legally obtained net assets of minimum CAD $ 2 million, alone or with accompanying spouse. Amounts obtained in donations should be 6 months prior to application
  • Minimum 2 years of management experience out of 5 years before submitting the application. The work experience should be in industrial or commercial business, legal farming or for a government agency or an international agency or one of its department or agencies, or in a legal professional business where the staff excluding the business, occupies at least two full-time jobs.
  • For a period of 5 years invest CAD $ 1.2 million through financial intermediary that is authorized to participate in the Investor program. The investment can be financed by trust companies or brokers.


The 5 year period starts after the issuance of the selection certificate, before the applicant has even landed in Canada. Earnings from these investments are used to fund and support multiple social programs and businesses within Quebec.


Also, there are financing options available for the Quebec Investor Program. The program allows applicants to finance a major chunk of their investment through designated investment banks and brokerage firms. In an arrangement through financing the applicant bares the net cost of down payment as it not refundable at the end of the 5 year term. Once the applicant submits the down payment, the financing firms’ balances up the CAD $ 1.2 million. The applicant then submits the fund to Investissement Quebec.


Successful applicants are issued a selection certificate from Quebec which allows them to receive Canadian permanent residence following security, criminal and health check clearance from IRCC.


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