Owner-Operator LMIA

Foreign workers who wish to work in Canada under the Significant Benefit- Entrepreneurs and Self-employed category have the option to apply for an Owner/Operator LMIA and work for their own company.

Unlike TFWP, Owner-Operator LMIA is exempt for advertising for the LMIA.

 To qualify as Owner/Operator LMIA based work permita foreign national must:

  • Display a minimum of 50% controlling interest in the business (Less than 50% can apply as an employee of the company)
  • Not be in a position to be discharged from the role
  • Must be classified under National Occupation Code (NOC) O,A or B
  • Display that his business will bring and add to the economy of Canada and lead to employment of Canadians or Permanent Residents
  • Show a business plan that can sustain financially
  • Involved in the day to day operations of the business; not be a passive investor
  • Hire at least one Canadian or Permanent Resident
  • Demonstrate past experience and knowledge in the intended business

This option is available anywhere in Canada. If the business has multiple owners, only one owner can apply for the Owner/Operator LMIA. If a positive LMIA is achieved, the foreign national may be able to apply for permanent residency.


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