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My Global steps Immigration inc helps you get the Canadian immigration process, we are the Authorized professional Canadian Immigration Consultants. We strive to provide the best consultancy to our esteemed client and patrons. We handle all kinds of immigration cases, work permits, Student Visa etc. We help you build your career and soar high with the help of a Canadian Visa. You apply for masters at some of the best universities and institutes. 

Hiring an expert for immigration process can help you to get the desired visas without putting in much efforts. We make things simpler for you. Often there is confusion of where to apply, how to apply and what to apply for. My Global steps Immigration inc guides you throughout the process and makes sure you apply for the suitable Visa. Being in this industry for so long we are well aware of all the rules, regulations and documentation required to get registered for Canadian Visa. We also make you mentally prepared about the situations you will be facing in a foreign country. This mental preparation plays a very vital role and helps you to easily cope up with the new environment.  

Canada is one of the most developed countries in North America. It is known for a large number of universities and ample of job opportunities as well. Therefore, many people aspire to go there and work to build a bright future. My Global steps immigration inc understands this and constantly makes efforts to help our clients get their respective Student Visa, Work Permit, Visitor Visa, Permanent Resident Card renewal etc. We also provide the best litigation services and appeal to the immigration appeal division if the situation demands so. We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional professional immigration service and proper guidance.

We are here to take care of your immigration to Canada, from any part of the world, including, India, UAE and USA.



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