In spite of Dubai being a global city and mega-hub of the Middle Eastern region, yet many people decide to migrate to Canada from Dubai. There are a plethora of reasons. First of all, Canada is one of the most peaceful and prosperous nations of the world, and it offers equal employment opportunities both to its nationals and foreigners. Nevertheless, moving to Canada from Dubai is not that simple, you may need help from authorised Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai to sail through the complicated process.

Things to keep in mind when moving to Canada from Dubai

Moving to one country from another permanently involves a lot of legal hassles and paperwork. Hence all these legal procedures and paperwork must be accomplished by taking help from professionals who have experience with the Canadian immigration policies. But when you are choosing your Canada visa consultants in Dubai, there are certain things that you ought to keep in mind.

First of all, you should research the track record of the company and find out the kind of cases that they have worked on so that you can choose your representatives wisely. Secondly, they should have a proper physical office so that you can reach out to them whenever the need arises.

Now, let us understand some of the steps that help you move to Canada from Dubai.

How to move to Canada from Dubai?

Use the Express Entry Program: From January 2015, the Canadian government has begun with the express entry program, whereby a candidate is given permanent residency (PR) status and they can settle anywhere in the country. It is an online application filling procedure where the candidate’s abilities are tested using a few criteria like age, level of education, language proficiency, and adaptability. The combination of these scores is known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CSR).

Moving to Canada with the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): In this program, candidates apply through particular provinces of Canada, and they are given PR status for that specific province. The eligibility of the candidates is tested considering factors that are specific to that particular province. However, the criteria of each province differ from the other. When you opt for a PNP program always ensure that you get in touch with the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai who are well-aware of the eligibility criteria of that particular province. You must be careful and stay away from fake agencies.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP): This is the mode of seeking PNP for the Quebec region. In this program, first of all, the PR status is obtained from the Quebec province, and after that, one has to seek approval from the federal government.

Family Sponsorship: It is also possible to migrate to Canada through the family sponsorship program of the Canadian government. To be eligible for this program it is mandatory that you have adult kin like a child or a grandchild who are permanent residents of Canada. However, it is important that your relative expresses the desire to become a sponsor. This drive happens only once in a year, so in case, your relative misses the deadline they have to wait till the next year.

Go to Canada with a work permit or for education: Another option of moving to Canada from Dubai is to go to the country with a work permit. You can go and work for some time and apply for PR. Also, you can go to Canada for educational purposes and subsequently start working there. Once you have studied there and worked for a considerable period, it becomes easier to obtain PR.


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