When you intend to immigrate to Canada, you cannot do so just because you want to. It is something applicable for all countries around the world where there is a certain set of rules and regulations to maintain and also to follow a certain set of procedures to receive the necessary permit. 

While most students find Canada to be the best place to complete higher education, there are several applicants daily who wait for a chance to get their immigration application accepted. Here is a step by step guide on how to apply for an assessment to study in Canada. 

Step 1 – Preparing for the basic requirements 

When you have decided to study in Canada, the planning should start a year ahead. Quite often, your application is assessed based on the institution that you have chosen. Many abroad education consultants In Mumbai would say that being proficient with the English or French language is a necessity and making arrangements to financially support yourself when living there is also another requirement. Planning and preparing for all of these beforehand would make you panic less when putting up the application.     

Step 2 – Decide on what and where to study

Not all institutions in Canada allow foreign students to study with them. Therefore, there is a need for you to choose your institute wisely. Along with that, you are to also choose your subject diligently and not want to switch streams later. 

Step 3 – Pass the language proficiency test 

To be eligible for study in Canada, you are to be proficient with either English or French. For English, tests as that of TOEFL or IELTS can help you. For French, DELF, DALF, TEF, and TCF exams allow you to prove your proficiency. Once you have cleared the tests, the certificate would help you with the immigration process. 

Step 4 – Applying to a university

While there are multiple out there, you have to choose the one that suits your budget as well as the subject you intend to study on. When you apply for admission, it is essential to check every detail associated and not be duped later on. Checking for their reputation and experience would make you plan the next steps. 

Step 5 – Applying for a permit to study

Once the university is finalized and you know where you are to study, you should apply for a study permit. Getting help from overseas education consultants In Mumbai or probably applying directly through the website where they accept applications, you get to register your application. Helping with an acceptance letter from the University, passport, financial details, etc. would take things further. 

Step 6 – Plan your travel well

The best study abroad consultants In Mumbai agree that when you have put up an application to study in Canada, you should start planning for the shift from that time onwards. When your application is accepted, there would be a time frame mentioned. Travelling within the period would make things smooth without having to worry about other formalities to be fulfilled.


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