The first important factor for immigration to Canada is education. This is something that your Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad must have told you as well. It is based on your educational qualification that your application as a federal skilled worker would either be refused or accepted. From May 2013 onwards it is a designated Canadian organization that has been tasked with the responsibility of assessing the educational credential of foreign nationals. It will determine the Canadian equivalent of said credentials. If you have any questions in this regard you can always get in touch with full-service Canadian firms that deal with immigration laws. 

Language skills

As your Canada immigration consultants in India must have told you, this is quite an important factor in this regard as well. If you are applying as a Federal Skilled Worker, as per the laws of Citizenship and Immigration Canada would have to prove your first language capabilities in either one of two official languages of this North American country – French or English. This requirement is also referred to as the Language Skills Factor and the maximum points that you can score over there are 28. A lot, in this case, depends on how well you can speak the language in question. In case English or French is the second language you would be given 4 points in that regard.  

Work experience 

Your work experience does play a major role in this regard but then your Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad would have told you about this as well. This is a crucial part of whether your application as a skilled worker would be refused or accepted. Indeed, it is not the only determinant. However, you can take it for granted that if you have no experience of the job that you are applying for you would be rejected for sure. You can get more information on this matter by talking to Canadian immigration attorneys.

Arranged employment

Your Canada immigration consultants in India must have told you that if you have received a permanent full-time offer in Canada you would be deemed eligible for fast track options in this regard – Federal Skilled Worker. You can trust your immigration lawyers to make sure that you are successful in accomplishing the goals that you have set in this regard. The immigration process in Canada can be quickened up if as a foreign skilled worker, you get the kind of appointment that has already been talked about.    


These days, it has become easier to get a Canada tourist visa from India as well. Age and adaptability are also important factors in this regard. As an applicant in the Federal Skilled Worker category, you would be awarded points by Citizenship and Immigration Canada based on your age. You can get more details on this from experienced Canadian immigration lawyers. As far as adaptability is concerned some factors come in handy. Citizenship and Immigration Canada uses them to decide how well you would be able to adapt to Canada and become economically established over here.



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