Are you settling to Canada? Or are you going on a business trip? The very first thing you should care about after deciding to go out of the country is the visa and immigration issues. And, whether it is your first-time visit or not, you should always take the help of qualified immigration experts.

The Canada immigration consultants in Chennai are well aware of the rules and regulations meant to be followed for ensuring that applicants can quickly get through the application process and get ready to fly on time.

Want to know more about how the immigration consultants are going to help or assist you in the entire process? Go through the following. But, before that, get to know why it is crucial to choose regulated consultants or RCIC.

Who are Regulated Immigration Consultants in Canada?

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants or RCIC are legally authorized members who are the members of ICCRC or Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. The RCIC is the registered immigration consultants who provide the immigration consultancy service against a particular fee.

What Can You Expect from Regulated Immigration Consultants in Canada?

  • The registered Canada immigration consultants in Canada are well aware and up to date with the continuously changing laws and policies regarding immigration. The laws change frequently, and the consultants keep you updated regarding the changes. 
  • The consultants will let you know your eligibility criteria of applying for different visas in Canada. As you can realize that every country has its own policy and law regarding immigration, Canada also has its diverse set of eligibility criteria that the Canada immigration consultants in India make you aware of. 
  • They look after the application process closely. They give you the confirmed date for submitting the relevant documents needed for the visa application process decided by the government. At the next stage, they verify the documents and their authenticity before submission to make sure that you don’t have to face any hassle regarding false documentation and lose more time.
  • Well, a lot of people tend to believe that visa approval is in the hands of the consultation, which is not at all true in reality. After the submission is over, the approval duty is transferred to the embassy authority, and only they can solely decide whether your visa will get approved or not. However, the Canada immigration consultants in Chennai can ensure that you get the approval at the very first attempt by giving them the right advice in every step.
  • The best part of consulting with RCIC is that they directly connect you with the Canadian Immigration authorities, the visa officers and the government departments (if necessary) on your behalf to make sure that you get the visa processing done without facing any stress or hassle.

Final Words

To make sure that everything goes as you have thought of, consult with the best Canada immigration consultants in India who have the experience and knowledge of dealing with numerous clients previously. Get ready to visit Canada soon!


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