The overseas education market trends exhibit that most of the potential applicants prefer applying through an overseas education consultant and only a small number of students apply abroad entirely on their own. Since there is a huge competition among the abroad education consultants in Mumbai, they try their best in forcing the students to take admission into universities which would be a profit for them rather than offering good education to the students. So, it is a matter of importance to choose the right consultant and extract all the information about the course. Therefore, choosing the best overseas education consultants in Mumbai will indeed help you to get the perfect solutions for all your questions.

Five Questions You Should Ask Your Overseas Education Consultant

What is the cost of the Complete Course?

The full cost of the course is based on several factors which include your destination city, cost of living, personal expenses, university fees, additional costs such as insurance and much more. You can come across many state universities that provide quality education at affordable prices as compared to private universities. You can prefer the professional study abroad consultants in Mumbai who can offer you with quality courses within your budget.

Am I Eligible to Select My Favourite Course?

There are specific requirements for different courses in different universities in which the possible applicants need to fulfil. Many foreign universities don’t accept the degrees or diplomas awarded by Indian institutes. You have to make clear from the expert overseas education consultants that your degree is acceptable in the university where you are planning to study. Ask them about the additional courses which can give you entry in the colleges.

When Should I Need to Plan?

Choosing the best overseas education consultants in Mumbai will always tell you to start your planning as soon as possible. The soon you make your plans, the more you will find time to go for in-depth research about the course you need. Some courses require work experience while in other courses, you can get immediate access. Be aware of the application deadlines and complete the procedures like writing SOP’s, degree evaluation and so on.

Will I Get Any Scholarships There?

Many foreign students don’t know about various types of state or corporate-funded scholarships provided by universities. For some scholarships, you need to pass an examination and for some others, your application is automatically considered. You need to question your consultant about the eligibility for scholarships in your choice of course so that you can be ready for that in advance.

How Long Can I Live in Abroad After Completion of Course?

Many of the students who apply for overseas education are unclear on how long they can stay abroad after completing their course. Seeking help from the best study abroad consultants in Mumbai can provide you with a clear picture of what or what-not your student visa demands. The consultants should clearly explain to you about the legal effects of not enduring by the rules and regulations.


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