Canada has become a dream destination for people, who are in search of a better quality of life. So, no matter from which part of the world you are in, Canada has the unmistakable appeal, which catches the fancy of the immigrants everywhere. Besides, Canada offers top standards of career growth and living opportunities for everyone including people who want to apply for express entry Canada. Canada PR visa holders can both work and live in Canada and can enjoy all the benefits that the Canadian citizens can enjoy. This is one of the major reasons why more and more people are now applying for Canadian PR every year.

But applying for Canada PR can be a daunting job, mainly when it comes to understanding the documents that are required as well as the instruction that needs to be followed strictly. Even a small mistake can lead to the application being refused or returned. 

So, here comes the 3 common mistakes that must be avoided when you choose to apply for Canada PR.

  1. Mistakes while it comes to signing the document: This is one of the biggest errors that candidates often make when it comes to signing the document. Often candidates may miss some of the sections where the signature needs to be put. For example, in the case of additional family form/application, a single page should be signed in 3 places. This type of mistake can cost big times to the candidates while resulting in the application getting rejected or returned. In these cases, the candidate has to start the program again from the beginning leading to monetary losses and unnecessary delay.
  2. Paying the wrong fee: It is possible to get the Canada PR visa in a number of ways and every program needs to pay different types of amounts. Besides, here the payment modes are also different according to the immigration program, under which the candidates have applied. The immigration offices across the globe accept fees in the local currency from where the candidate is residing or applying for. But at the same time, it is also necessary for the candidates to check and validate the exchange rates online for the currency. So, the candidates have to be really careful when it comes to paying the fees. In case you are looking for permanent residence in Canada for study purpose, then you can contact the best study abroad consultants in Mumbai.

Illegible handwriting: Most of the applicants choose to fill the application by hand. But filling the application with the hand is not advisable as it is not possible to verify these applications. It is possible to verify the applications created with Adobe Reader quite easily as these create a series of barcodes, which can be recorded quite easily by IRCC in the system. On the other hand, handwritten forms take loads of time to process as these forms need transferring all the details, which can be really tedious for the immigration offices. And this results in delays.


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