Canada has surely become one of the most popular destinations for immigrants today. The economic opportunities you find there, the cultural diversity and the quality of education are a few reasons why Canada attracts so many immigrants every year. However, not everybody who applies gets the chance to visit the place. Most applicants lack basic knowledge about the requisites and the guidelines that are related to the application procedure. And hence, their applications are usually rejected or discharged by the embassies. 

Therefore, to avoid this scenario, one can use the intervention of some of the top immigration consultants when going to Canada so that their application is processed successfully. There are several immigration consultancies budding every day. While some of them are authorized to extend visa services, the others do not even have office spaces of their own. Hence, you should be really careful while considering among the various Canada immigration Consultants in Bangalore and Chennai that are genuine and can be relied upon completely. 

Find The few tips below to help you out: 

  1. Always prefer a registered consultancy so that the process is carried out in a very systematic way and to avoid any problems in the future. 
  2. Figure out if the consultancy has invested in a dedicated Canadian Immigration Team 
  3. Do not opt for a freelancing team since there are high chances that they will cheat you. 
  4. The immigration consultants should be aware of the latest Express Entry Scheme for Canada that is in the congregation with other manual procedures as well. 
  5. Ignore firms that are promising you a job in Canada. These schemes tend to be fake generally, to attract more customers and to make money. 
  6. The processing charge for the visa application given by the consultancy should not be unreasonable. 
  7. You should always do complete research on the background of the consultancy before you make the final decision. 
  8. The consultancy should cover each aspect of the application such as extending assistance for the visa filing, monitoring the application constantly and creating an applicant profile online for the client. 
  9.  Always make sure that a dedicated officer is appointed to look after your application process. 

My Global Steps Immigration Inc. is an authorized immigration and education consultancy firm based in Toronto, Canada. If you are looking for Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai or, Bangalore feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the best services for your application.


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